2014 Xcel Rebates Available To You!

As you begin to think about your home remodeling projects, don’t forget that when you improve your home and make it more efficient, Xcel Energy will help you cover some of the upfront cost.

You see, every year Xcel Energy comes out with their new list of available rebates. These rebates extend across all types of home improvement projects and appliance upgrades all aimed at rewarding homeowners for making their home more energy efficient. You get rewarded for improving your home! This year’s rebates are really great!

Here are just a few of the highlights: (there are more available rebates on Xcel’s website)

Installing or adding more insulation can greatly reduce energy bills year round. Xcel is currently offering a rebate of 20% of the cost or up to $300 per household.
If you are thinking about upgrading the appliances in your kitchen to energy efficient models you will see rebates for all of them! Xcel offers rebates on refrigerators and dishwashers. And if you have an old fridge, Xcel will give you money for your old one and will even pick up and recycle it for you free of charge!
If you upgrade your window or door weather stripping there is money waiting for you! Sealing those leaks can qualify you for some fantastic rebates.
If you upgrade your home’s lighting, you may also qualify for rebates. Xcel offers rebates for homeowners who make the switch to CFL’s. This can certainly add up if you are adding new lighting to your basement finishing project.
All of this year’s rebate information can be found here. You will want to make sure to read each category that applies to your home improvement project carefully. Xcel has some pretty strict rules and you will want to make sure to follow them to get the maximum rebate.