3 Home Maintenance Tips to do this Spring

With spring dancing around on our calendars and summer quickly on its way, many homeowners spend some time enjoying the pleasant weather by sprucing up their home. Usually, this means clearing out some closets and having a few garage sales, but there are also some maintenance type items you will want to consider.

Maintaining your home is an important responsibility for homeowners. Not only can this help make you more comfortable in your home, but items will last longer as well. Here are 3 home maintenance tips you will definitely want to add to your list this spring.

Tip 1: Take a Look at the Exterior

Start your home maintenance journey by visually inspecting the outside of your home. Look for damage to your roof line and your exterior walls. You should also visually inspect your foundation for cracks and your windows for leaks.

Tip 2: Clean your Air Conditioner

Now that you will be using your air conditioning unit more, you will want to make sure it is in good health. Schedule a company to complete a maintenance check early on in the season. You will also want to clear out any debris from around your outside unit and clean out your air filter system during this time.

Tip 3: Check for Leaks

Finally, winter is a time when leaks can occur in your water pipes. So, be sure you are taking the time to examine all outside spigots and inside pipes. Be sure to check under each of your sinks and around tubs and other water sources for water damage and leaks.

Taking a little time to complete the items above will help you ensure your home is ready for the change in temperature. If you are looking to discover even more ways to help get your home ready for the new season, contact us today.