3 Ways to Encourage Outdoor Living Through Residential Design Trends

Designing a residential space does not mean having a sole focus on a home's interior. Taking a design outdoors can encourage new use of space and make a property feel bigger and more cohesive. Here are three ways you can encourage outdoor living through residential design trends:

A Fully Furnished Outdoor Living Room

An outdoor living room is more than a few folding chairs around a fire pit. Think of a plush sofa, colorful throw pillows, a lounge chair and centerpiece, like a coffee table. These can all go outside and become an extension of your home. Construct a space with this furniture that encourages conversation and interaction. To decorate the space and create privacy, add live plants and a light curtain.

A Really Open Concept Kitchen

Depending on the climate you live in, one way of creating an outdoor kitchen is to have folding windows or doors leading from your indoor kitchen. On warm days, fold the windows or doors away to open up to a patio or yard. The patio can hold benches or couches for extra seating. Alternatively, extend a window ledge into a dining bar and add stools for outdoor seating. Focus on lighting to create great ambience.

Shower Under the Stars

While there are beautiful ways to build outdoor bathrooms complete with tubs and showers, it's just not practical for certain climates. However, the sensation of being outside can sometimes be enough. Glass walls and ceilings add to a bathroom's open concept and reduce the feeling of being contained indoors, while light paint and fewer walls make a room feel more open.

There are many ways to use outdoor space, but adding certain designs to a home can make indoor-outdoor living completely natural. If you have questions or ideas about designing any space, please contact us.