5 Gutter Maintenance Tips for the Winter


Winter is fast approaching, which means it's time to start preparing your gutters! Here are some of our best winter gutter maintenance tips.

Clean Them Out

Clean out your gutters before winter sets in, and continue cleaning them on a regular basis. If you do not clean out your gutters, leaves and other debris will cause water to clog your gutters. When the cold sets in, this water will freeze. This can cause your gutters to crack, and it can also lead to additional water damage.

Check Your Gutters

You should check your gutters often to make sure that they have not been damaged. Look for sagging, loose, and cracked gutters. Make sure the downspouts are letting the water out correctly and are not causing a flood.

Check For Water Damage

Water damage is a sure sign that something is wrong with your gutters! Paint peeling off of the outside walls of your home, rusting gutters, or flooded basements may all indicate faulty gutters.

Consider Preventative Measures

There are also preventative measures you can take to stop your gutters from getting damaged. For example, you can trim the trees around your gutters so that leaves do not fall in or you can install heating cables inside your gutters so that you can thaw them out when they get full of snow and ice.

Get Help From a Professional

It's best to get a professional to look at your gutters before the winter or as early on in the winter as possible. A professional will be able to check your gutters for damage and recommend some ways to keep them maintained.

Who's the best professional to call? We are, of course! We guarantee the best when it comes to gutter maintenance or any other maintenance your home requires. Please contact us today!