5 Home Maintenance Tips for Saving Energy This Summer


Saving energy is on everyone’s minds. It will reduce your bills and, at the same time, help preserve the environment. Here are a few home maintenance tips to help you save energy this summer.

Save With Your AC

Clean the air filters of your air conditioning system. In addition, get it tuned and checked once or twice a year. This way, it will be able to operate to its full capacity and, being fully effective, won’t have to use extra energy.

Save With Your Fridge

Help your fridge operate effectively by cleaning its coils. These coils are located behind the fridge and are what keep your fridge cool. Another way to make sure your fridge is not wasting energy is by making sure that the seals around the door are working and are not leaking any air.

Save With Your Dryer

Make sure to clean out your dryer filter. When the filter gets clogged up with lint, your dryer will have to work extra to dry your clothes. Dryers usually have the second highest energy consumption rate of all household appliances.

Save With Your Washing Machine

It’s a good idea to make sure that your washing machine is clean as well, especially the door seals which often get full of water and can develop mildew. Check that the supply lines aren’t leaking any water. By keeping your washer clean and efficient, you won’t waste extra energy.

Save With Water

Make sure that there are no leaks in your toilet, even from your toilet tank into the toilet itself. Check your sink faucets and showerheads to make sure that they are not leaking either. This way, you won’t use up extra water.

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