A Few Favorite Flooring Options

If you are thinking about a remodeling project for your home, you know that choosing the right flooring is a very important decision. With so many options out there, we have put together a list of different options and some things to consider before you select your new flooring.

Hardwood floors are timeless. With so many different wood options, stain choices you are bound to find something that you like. Hardwood is also easy to install in any room. It can be one of the more expensive options and some wood is prone to scratching. Hardwood floors do need to be maintained. With high traffic, pets and daily use, hardwood floors will need to be refinished. For future resell of your home, you can’t really go wrong with hardwood.

If you are trying to achieve the look of hardwood or tiles without the sticker price, you may want to think about laminate. Laminate offers a lot of different looks and requires very little maintenance. Laminate is also considered to be a more “green” option as compared to hardwood.

Ceramic tile is still a very popular option for kitchens, bathrooms and more. Ceramic tile can be expensive and can be very slippery when wet. However, they don’t harbor germs making tile a very hygienic option. Tile is a very durable option and can be very enjoyable in hot climates.

Nothing makes a room feel cozy like carpeting. Popular for upstairs rooms and finished basements, carpet can actually lower your heating bills because it helps your home retain heat.