Adding Hardwood Flooring With Home Remodel

One of the things that can make or break a remodel is the flooring. There are a lot of options for flooring, from carpet and tile to hardwood. Sometimes a mix of flooring can make your new space look more attractive, but since hardwood is probably the most popular right now, we have outlined a few of the options for homeowners.

Solid Wood Flooring: Solid hardwood is beautiful, and will probably look the most expensive and beautiful. It is also fairly durable, although it does need to be refinished on a fairly regular basis. Solid wood flooring can also scratch more easily, and may not be the best option for rooms with a higher humidity, such as the bathroom.
Engineered Wood Flooring: Engineered wood is typically less expensive that solid wood, and is constructed in layers to make it sturdier and more durable. However, it usually can’t be refinished without destroying the wood, because the top layer is too thin.
Acrylic Wood Flooring: This type of flooring is a great option for families with pets and young children, because it is extremely durable and wears very well. It is actually injected with a chemical designed to make it resistant to scratching and gouges, so if you have high traffic areas or young children, this may be the best option for you.
Laminate “Wood” Flooring: Laminate is not wood at all, but is made for homeowners who want the look of hardwood but can’t afford the other options. Newer laminates wear very well, and they are less resistant to moisture issues than older versions were.