Adding Natural Light to Your Home


No matter the size or cost of your home, if it doesn't allow enough natural light inside, it will look dark and dreary -- and not like a place where you want to spend your time. Maximizing the natural light makes any home appear larger, look more open, and feel inviting.

Increasing Natural Light in Your Rooms:

Multiple Windows -- When you have more than one window in each area of your home, the sunlight that streams inside distributes more evenly, preventing shadows that leave your space looking gloomy. If possible, have windows on more than one wall in every room for the best result. Even small windows will help to bring in more light.

Skylights -- In areas where you can't install more wall windows, but you want additional light, consider a window in your ceiling. Depending on the structure of your home, skylights or roof windows are often the perfect choice for allowing the maximum amount of sunlight into a room. Skylights will also add value to your home. They give a modern look to a bathroom, stairwell, or even a utility room.

French or Sliding Doors -- To allow even more light into a room, consider replacing a window with French doors or sliding doors. These doors will also give you a better outside view and will make your room appear more open. Sliding doors look splendid in a kitchen or family room. French doors are an elegant addition to a master bedroom or formal dining area.

For additional remodeling ideas on how to get more natural light into your home, or for other information about updating your rooms, please contact us today.