Audio Home Automation System: Airhome

Last week, we talked about Clare Controls, a really impressive home automation system that we came across as the International Builder's Show in Las Vegas. The Clare system does just about everything, but we were equally impressed with a company that takes a much more focused approach to home automation.


Airhome is a much more specialized home automation system, as it focuses just on built-in home audio systems. It works seamlessly with Apple AirPlay® to allow you to play music anywhere in your home through your Wi-Fi connection. The Airhome system can be easily installed in both new construction and in renovations/retrofits.

Airhome aims to get rid of the clutter and complexity of old home audio systems. Instead, they created a system that works as an integrated part of the home. They compare it to the microwave oven - when these first came around, they sat on the counter, but now they are considered an integral part of kitchen design. Airhome thinks the same will soon be true of audio systems.


These kinds of innovations make us excited to be part of the building industry. If you have questions about installing a home automation system such as Airhome in your new build or as part of a renovation project, please contact Jason Brown at