Avoiding Mistakes When Remodeling Your Kitchen

Although we meet with many people who are interested in remodeling their kitchen, we also know many of them are hesitant to actually undertake this project because of horror stories they may have heard, or mistakes their friends or family may have made in past projects. Here are a few mistakes to avoid when deciding to remodel your home’s kitchen.

Don’t Focus on the Small Things: Although its easy to get caught up in the dated countertops or ugly appliances that you no longer want in your kitchen, its important to consider your overall kitchen lifestyle when you decide to remodel. For example, do you want the kitchen to be the center of your home? Are you someone who loves to cook, and will want the ability to create great meals? Do you have the time to maintain the materials your kitchen will be created from? Just make sure that the big picture of your kitchen fits who you are and what you want.
Don’t Follow the Fads Too Much: The average kitchen remodel should last 12-15 years, so don’t get too caught up in the latest trends when undertaking a remodel. You want to make sure the materials you pick will have some staying power – think the avocado green and gold of the 70s – but also fit your preferences. Also, don’t get too caught up in overcustomization, because what may work for your family now may not be true in 10 years.
Don’t Try to Do It Yourself: It is a good idea to hire a professional when undertaking such a large project, especially one that involves design, electrical, plumbing and possibly gas for your stove. Professionals can also recommend cost-saving ideas that the layperson may not know about, and can also help you complete your project in a timely manner.
Don’t Delegate All Decisions: Although it can be tempting to delegate all of the decisions to the professionals, make sure your voice is heard when going through the design process. Make sure the things that are important to you are considered. You want the finished product to be right for you, your family and your home!