Basement Challenges and How to Solve Them

Finishing a basement can add much-needed space for family hangouts, hosting guests, and stashing toys. But people are sometimes hesitant to tackle such a major project for fear of the potential hiccups and challenges that can come with it. Luckily, Basement Partners has had years of experience addressing many of the most common (and some of the less common) basement challenges. Here are a few that may come up when you decide to finish your basement, along with how we can address them.

  • Managing mechanical systems. The water heater and furnace take up a lot of space, and maybe not always in the place where you would like. Unfortunately, moving a system can be very expensive, so the best bet is usually to incorporate it into the overall design and flow of the basement. We work with our clients to make sure that the space is maximally utilized, and we also suggest that they work with an HVAC professional to ensure that the system is properly ventilated.
  • Working around columns. Along the same lines, columns in the middle of a room might be a source of frustration. Because these columns are usually load-bearing, they can't be removed, but there are plenty of creative ways to design a room to make the columns a seamless part of the living space.
  • Dealing with ductwork. Ductwork is another basement challenge that can usually be better met with creative design than an expensive attempt to move it. Our design team can help you come up with a beautiful design that works around existing ductwork while maintaining your vision.
  • Addressing water leaks and humidity. If your basement feels humid or you've had an issue with flooding in the past, you definitely want to take steps to resolve it (to avoid ruining that beautiful new finished basement!). Depending on our analysis of the problem, you might decide to install a sump pump, put additional insulation in the walls, or install a dehumidifier.
  • Cleaning up the mess. A big home renovation can definitely be a disruption, and the dust from the construction can get into your air conditioner and furnace ducts. So after construction is complete, we recommend hiring a technician to come out and give your ducts a thorough cleaning. After the dust clears, the only thing left to do is lounge around in your beautiful new space!

If you have any specific concerns you would like to address before embarking on your basement finishing project, we would be very happy to discuss them with you. Give Jeff a shout at