Basement Finishing Helpful Hints

Has finishing your basement been on your to-do list for a while now? Well, there's no time like the present! Finishing a basement can make your home feel like a whole new house--whether it adds valuable space for family hangouts, pet hobbies (finally, a place for that drum set!), or guest rooms (finally, a place for those in-laws!). As one of Denver's premier custom builders, we at Basement Partners wanted to share our tips for basement finishing projects:

  • If you are finishing your basement, consider adding insulation to the ceiling. It doesn’t help keep your basement warmer, but it helps provide a sound barrier (see drum set, above). If you have hardwood floors on the main level of your house, insulation will also help keep the foot noise down when you are in the basement (see in-laws, above).

  • You have a lot of flooring options when it comes to your basement, but part of the decision depends on what type of basement floor system you have. If you have concrete, it shifts over time, so you have to stick to pre-finished hardwood options. But if you have a structural wood basement floor, you can do all kinds of hardwood on top of that!

  • Consider having your basement contractor handle any painting as part of the project. They most likely have a painter they like to work with, and then they can complete the work before your flooring is installed (no drips to worry about!).

  • As part of your basement project, think about any other home improvement projects you have in other parts of your house that you would like to tackle. For example, if you want new carpet in the rest of your house, why not have it replaced while they are installing carpeting in the basement? It will save you some money and hassle.

If you have any specific questions or would like us to come out and give you a quote on a basement finishing project for your Denver home, please contact Jeff Proctor at or call 303.459.4947.