Basement Play Areas for Kids

Finishing a basement can open up a whole new world in your home. For some, it's the opportunity to build an amazing home theater that rivals the local cineplex, for others, the priority is creating the ideal place to watch a football game. But for many of our clients, it's the perfect opportunity to create a fantastic play space for kids.


Carving out the perfect play space for little ones under the stairs

We have worked on many basement play spaces, and we can attest that the sky is truly the limit. We can create unique storage solutions for toys and games, play areas that will make your house the most popular one in the neighborhood for playdates and sleepovers, and rooms that will grow with your children.


The perfect homework/arts and crafts nook


What kid doesn't love a hideout?

Basement Partners owner Jeff Proctor is a dad who knows firsthand why creating a space designed for children is so fun and important for families. Having a dedicated space for children to play (or work) gives them an important sense of autonomy, and it might just give you a little moment to yourself as well.

Please contact Jeff at to request a free consultation on designing your ideal basement play space.