Basic Home Maintenance: Pro Home Video Series

Bill Armstrong of Pro Home, one of our highly respected trade partners, recently launched a video series on basic home maintenance, and we think these clips are a great resource for homeowners.


Whether you just bought your first home, or whether you're a seasoned homeowner, we can almost guarantee that you have some lingering home maintenance questions. The Pro Home video series addresses some of these common questions and gives all homeowners a good basic education on their home.

We will be highlighting specific videos on the blog over the next few months, so stay tuned. Some of our favorites cover basics such as how to deal with inevitable concrete cracks, what the difference is between GFI and regular outlets, how to clean your hardwood floors, and dealing with furnaces, sump pumps, hot water heaters, etc.

What we really like about these videos is that they are extremely approachable for homeowners. They are each only a few minutes long, and Bill explains things in a very clear, concise way to take the mystery and intimidation out of these often hidden parts of your home.

Make sure to follow on the blog to hear more about our favorites! Or head over to YouTube to watch the whole series now.