Brightening Up a Finished Basement

A lot of homeowners that we meet with are concerned about how to brighten up their basement once it is finished. Since basements often have very little natural light, they can easily become cave-like, even once they are finished. Here are a few tips and suggestions to keep this from happening:

Incorporate Natural Light if Possible: Although some basements will not allow for this, if you have a walk-out basement, you may want to consider adding windows as part of your renovation. If your basement is completely underground, we can discuss using light fixtures that bring in focused light or ambient light throughout the basement.
Use Colors to Brighten It Up: Using only grays or beiges can have a tendency to make your basement look drab. Pick colors for your basement walls that will brighten the space and make you feel like you are above ground. Yellows, golds, oranges, and warm tones of browns are a good choice to warm up the basement, and therefore feel more like a space you want to spend time in.
Don’t Forget the Ceiling: Consider painting the ceiling a lighter color to give the illusion of height. If there aren’t as many restrictions on height in your basement, you may want to add soffits or interesting lighting to add brightness and visual interest.
Creative Lighting: This is probably the main key to brightening up your basement. We can help you design a plan that includes recessed can lighting, directional lighting or other creative ideas to make your basement inviting and fun.