Building the Best Basement Theater Room

A basement theater room is one of our most frequently requested options when it comes to finishing a basement. There's just nothing better than having a dedicated space for family movie nights, epic video game tournaments, or big game watches. The key to building the best basement theater room is good advance planning. You need to take certain steps before the drywall is even installed to ensure that you have the right wiring and lighting in place to maximize the room's utility.


Here are a few things that need to be decided before the drywall goes in:

What kind of screen do you want? And where will you put it?

Do you want a wall-mounted TV or would you prefer a projection screen? Both have their advantages, but a projection screen is often a little sleeker, and it can also be installed to roll up and out of sight if you don't want the room to be a dedicated TV/movie watching space at all times.

You need to think hard about where the screen will work best. You need about 10-15 feet of space between the screen and your couches/chairs to ensure comfortable viewing. If you are going to have other fun activities like darts, air hockey, or foosball in the basement as well, make sure that the players will still be able to see the screen from where they are.


If you aren't 100% sure which wall will work best, you can choose to wire two screen walls. That will provide versatility if you decide to rearrange things in the future.

Think Through the Wiring

Even though wireless Internet is pretty reliable these days, it's not a bad idea to pull through Internet lines for even more consistent Internet access. This is especially important if you frequently stream movies and shows on Netflix or play a lot of video games.

You also need to wire for speakers at this point, so think through where exactly you want your front and rear speakers to go.

If you are going with a projection screen, you will also need to install wiring and a ceiling outlet for the projector.

Create a Versatile Space with Lighting

Your lighting should be designed so that you don't limit yourself to only watching movies in a darkened basement. So dimmable lighting that prevents screen glare should be combined with other sconces or overhead lights that can be switched on to create a bright, welcoming space for game nights, play dates, or other activities.

Remember, it doesn't hurt to prepare for shifts in room usage. You might have a video-game-crazy teenager at home now, but what will you be using the space for when he goes to college in a few years?

If you have any questions about creating a basement theater room or would like a free estimate, please contact Jeff at