Child-Proof Home Maintenance Tips

Homes need to be maintained for various reasons: cleanliness, maintenance, and seasonal changes all factor in. Don’t neglect, though, home maintenance tips to keep your home child-proof. It’s all too easy for young children to have accidents and injuries in homes that are not maintained with them in mind. They like to grab things, remember, and small children often dart and grab too quickly to prevent harm from being done.

Here are three child-proof home maintenance tips.

1. If your children are young enough to not understand the danger of sticking their fingers into electric outlets, make sure all electric outlets are covered. All; don’t ignore those too high for a young child to reach. Chairs can be pulled over and climbed upon to reach interesting looking things, especially things they may have seen Mommy or Daddy plug exciting objects into.
2. Anchor tall and large furniture so it cannot fall over. Children who are exploring items on tall bookshelves, climbing on dressers, or trying to pull themselves up by bureau or desk drawers have been known to inadvertently pull the furniture over on themselves. Make sure they can’t by anchoring all your furniture that might be climbed on.
3. Put all potential choking hazards safely away. Small children know the world often by taste and smell. They put unfamiliar objects in their mouths to check them out. But they can all too easily choke on these objects. A big one here is toys. Make sure that all small toys and objects associated with them (Mr. Potato Head parts, marbles, plastic game pieces) are put in a secured locked place once play is over with.

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