Cleaning Up After a Remodel

Have you been considering a remodel, but are nervous about the clean up process after the remodel is done? There are a few things to consider, but the task of cleaning up isn’t as daunting as you might think. Here a few tips to make that clean-up process easier, and help you know what to expect.

Remodeling just one room is a bit easier, because you can keep the mess pretty isolated. Closing the door when you can and laying an old rug or towels under the door can also help keep the dust in one place, making it easier to clean. For a doorless room, hanging a damp blanket in the door way can help trap dust and keep it more isolated – just make sure the blanket hangs all the way to the floor.
Change your furnace filter right before the project begins to make sure it is clean and will trap as much dust as possible. Once the project is done, immediately change the filter, because it will likely be dirty quickly from the extra dust. Change it one more time after a few weeks to be sure your furnace keeps running and a clogged filter doesn’t cause an issue with your furnace.
Cleaning up as much as you can during the project is a good idea, too, because letting the mess accumulate will make cleaning up much more challenging. Using a wet/dry vacuum rather than a regular vacuum is a good idea, too, because plaster dust can be harmful to your normal vacuum.
Use a damp rag for dusting rather than a normal feather duster or dry rag. A damp rag will help trap the dust rather than stirring it up and getting it in the air even more.