Colorado Home Builders: What's Soil Got to Do with It?

If you are interested in building a new home in Colorado, it's important to keep in mind an important feature of our lovely state: We have terrible soil. There are many things to love about Colorado, but this just isn't one of them. Farmers struggle with the soil, but you may not have thought about how it would affect Colorado home builders.

When you hear that Colorado has "bad" soil, what people generally mean is that it is very porous. This is bad for farmers because water passes through very quickly, it doesn't hold as many nutrients, and root systems don't penetrate as deeply. Ok, you're saying, that's too bad for my garden, but what does that have to do with my future home? Well, this porous soil becomes expansive when it is suddenly exposed to water. Because Colorado has an arid climate, most of our soil doesn't get much moisture until we build neighborhoods and start watering lawns and landscaping. This influx of water causes the soil to expand and push against the house, which can cause heaving or movement of the foundation.

The best Colorado home builders therefore take this unique soil property into account. Based on a soil evaluation, they determine which type of foundation is required, and then a structural engineer designs a foundation that will perform properly given the soil conditions. Some of the worst Colorado home builders take short cuts to save time and money, and this can lead to serious structural problems. It's very important to make sure that your builder is doing everything they can to ensure a solid foundation.

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