Creating a Home Theater in Your Basement

One thing that is fairly popular for families when they are considering remodeling their basement is adding a home theater. This can be a fun addition to the home, and will be a great space for kids to hang out well into their teenage years. Here are a few things to think about when adding a home theater to a basement finish:

Light & Sound: One reason a theater in a basement can be a great addition is because it is usually darker and quieter – perfect elements for a theater and movie-viewing. If you have a lot of natural light in your basement, or a loud HVAC system, talk with your contractor about locating the home theater in a place that will be ideal for movie viewing.
Custom Wiring: Home theaters almost always require some custom wiring because of the audio/visual equipment. If you are serious about adding a theater, make sure to mention to your basement contractor that you would like to consider this so it can be part of the estimate. It will also help you determine what audio/visual equipment is a good fit for your basement.
Design: If your basement is larger, you can emulate a real home theater, which can be a fun addition to your home. If you have a smaller basement, you can decide how to create a homey and comfortable atmosphere downstairs.