Do I Really Need to Pull A Permit?

When we talk to prospective clients about doing a remodel or basement finishing project for them, the topic of pulling the required permits often comes up. People are often curious to find out what types of projects require a permit and when you don’t have to worry about pulling one.

The short answer is that you are most likely going to need to have a permit pulled for your home improvement project. This of course all depends on the city you live in and what types of rules that they have in place. But if you are doing any sort of large remodel or even if you are putting in new kitchen cabinets and countertops, you are going to need to get a permit.

The hesitation for most home owners is of course the added expense and hassle. Unfortunately there isn’t a quick way to figure out how much the permit will cost – it depends on the type of project that you are doing. Waiting for permit approvals can hold things up sometimes which can be a drag when you are excited to get your project rolling!

However, we are firm believers in pulling all of the right permits for each and every job. You see, if a city inspector (or perhaps a nosey neighbor) finds that you are doing a home remodel project and you didn’t pull the proper permits you can certainly get in trouble. And by “in trouble” we mean fines. In extreme cases the city can actually require that you remove your newly installed bathtub or addition in the back and start over.

Really it comes down to safety and protecting yourself and your family down the road. By pulling the permit and having a city inspector involved, you are ensuring that your home improvement project is done correctly. The city will make sure that all of the proper steps are taken. They are going to make sure that the wiring, the plumbing, really everything is in good shape to complete the project.

One final tip about pulling permits has to do with selling your home in the future. You see when a prospective home buyer is looking at the house, they (and their realtor) have the right to ask if the proper building permits were pulled for any of the home improvement projects. If someone is going to buy your home they will want to know that any and all projects were done properly. On the flip side, you would probably want the same thing when you were looking a buying a new home.

Our recommendation is to work with a professional contractor who will be able to handle any sort of permit pulling for you. Someone with experience is going to have a good understanding of what your specific city requires of permits and the best way to pull them without slowing down the timeline of your project.