Energy Saving Tips for Your Remodel

One question we often hear when we begin a remodel with a homeowner is how to save energy in your new space. Here are a few ideas that will modernize your new kitchen, bathroom or basement, while also saving energy and minimizing your carbon footprint.

Schedule an Energy Audit: One of the first things you can do now is schedule an energy audit of your home through Xcel Energy. A professional will come into your home and make specific suggestions on how you can improve your home’s energy efficiency. Some of the suggestions are simple, such as changing out your light bulbs and replacing them with CFLs, while others will require more extensive work, such as a new heating system.
Add Insulation to Your New Space: Making sure you add insulation to your new basement or other space during a remodel is an excellent way to automatically save energy. We recommend this especially in a new basement, because it will also make the space much more comfortable for your family.
New Windows: Adding new windows to any home is a great way to save energy. If you are remodeling an area in your home, adding new windows to the new space is a great start. Many window contractors will allow clients to replace a couple of windows at a time to help distribute the cost, so start with your new space!
Use Energy Star Appliances: If you are remodeling your kitchen, make sure to use Energy Star appliances. Old and outdated appliances use up a lot of unnecessary energy, and replacing your old appliances with new Energy Star rated ones is an excellent way to save money and upgrade your home too.