Fall Home Maintenance Tips

You're planning family outings to fall festivals, buying pumpkins to carve, and decorating the house for Halloween. It's officially fall, and there's a lot of fun activities to participate in, but there's also a lot of stuff you should do to get your home ready for the colder weather. Go over this list of fall home maintenance tips to ensure you home is ready for the upcoming winter.

Protect Your Pipes

You don't want your pipes to freeze when the temperatures drop. The best way to prevent against frozen pipes, is insulation. Installing insulation inside your pipes is an extremely strong defense against those cold winter nights. You'll also want to remove any garden hoses you have from outdoor faucets. Garden hoses are a danger to your pipes during the winter, because when the temperature drops your hose can cause backed up water to freeze, cracking your pipes and causing you some serious water damage.

Fix Exterior Cracks

Any cracks in your home's exterior can cause moisture to seep into your house. Moisture causes all sorts of problems for homeowners, so do yourself a favor and block up any cracks or small holes before a bigger problem presents itself. You should also seal any cracks or gaps around your windows and door frames. This will help keep moisture and cold air out, while keeping warm air in. It'll also help make your home a little more energy-efficient.

Clean Out Your Gutters

Fall is a beautiful time of the year, there's no denying. When the leaves start to change color, displaying hues of orange and red, you know fall has arrived. Those gorgeous leaves give your home an autumn feel, but they also must fall. When they do, some of them get stuck in your gutter. Leaving leaves in your gutter can cause serious problems later on. Rain falls, water sits, and when the temperature drops, that water turns to ice. Ice in your gutters can cause damage that will cost you a lot of money in repairs. Save yourself the headache, and the extra expense, and remove any leaves or twigs that may have gotten trapped in your gutters.

Trim Your Trees

You don't want branches and bushes scraping against your roof or your home. Now that summer is over, and the growth cycle has ended, it's the perfect time to trim your trees and bushes. Not only will this prevent annoying scraping noises that occur when branches brush against your window, but it'll help prevent moisture from dripping onto your roof and down your siding. When high winds come, you'll be glad that your tree's branches can't reach your home, or your windows.

Check Your Fireplace

Winter is a great time to cozy up with a cup of cocoa and sit by the fire. In order to have several cozy fireplace evenings in the winter, check to make sure your fireplace is safe during the fall. Shine a flashlight up into the furnace to make sure the damper opens and closes correctly. Check for any debris, such as bird's nest, branches, or leaves. You should see sunlight at the top of your chimney if it's truly unobstructed. Check for any cracks, or other damage, and if you find any, make sure to call a professional to inspect, and fix it, before using it.

Inspect Your Roof

Roof damage should never be ignored. Any damaged, loose, or missing shingles should be replaced immediately. If you notice moss growing on your roof, you should call a professional, because your roof could be decaying underneath.

Make sure your home is ready for the cold weather. You want to enjoy all the fall and winter holiday events without fear of damage to your home. Doing these fall home maintenance tips will help give you peace of mind, and help your holidays go smoothly, so you can focus on time spent with family, making memories you'll cherish for years to come. For more home maintenance tips, or for help with complex home projects, please contact us.