Featured Business Highlight: The Tile Guy

When you venture into the process of redesigning parts of your home or building new, you will need to hire contractors. However, finding reputable workers you can trust is not always easy. At Ascent Builders, we have developed a relationship with several contracting companies who we proudly recommend. An affiliated business video series was produced which features interviews of trusted contractors. As you follow our blog, we will be highlighting a featured contractor from time to time. This month’s contractor is Roger the Tile Guy, and his motto is “He’ll set you straight.” The video interview highlights are as follows:


Roger got his start in landscaping, but due to the two to three season work, he decided to make a change to tile. He chose tile because he enjoyed working with the stones that he used in landscaping, and the tile he worked with was made of a similar material. As he advanced and became excellent at his work, he realized starting up his own business would be more fulfilling. So, he began Roger the Tile Guy.

Frequently asked questions by clients

Roger stated that he welcomes questions by clients and wished they asked more, so they have a full understanding before making a decision. The 3 most often asked questions and answers were:

1. How long will it take? It all depends on what the job entails, but a thorough estimate upfront will usually answer this question satisfactorily.

2. What kind of tile should I install in a particular area? Some tile is not suitable for certain areas, so this is an important question. With Roger’s expertise, he can guide the customer in making the right decision.

3. Will he handle demo and prep? They prefer to handle the job from demo all the way to the preparation.

Questions he wants you to ask

1. How long will my installation last? This is a great question and one that is very important. Many cheaper tiles begin to peel up after a few years, but Roger’s tiles are long lasting with some even known to hold on for decades!

2. When should I install my tile if I have over workers in my home? This is relevant because there needs to be coordination with other workers.

Final words

Roger offers all prospective clients a FREE in-person full consultation and estimate, which includes measurements, as well as discuss the product you have in mind and whether it will be a good fit. So, when you are ready to have tile installed don’t forget If you would like to view the video interview yourself, just click here.

As always, Ascent Builders is here to answer any questions or to discuss this topic further, just contact us today!