Finding Additional Shelving Space that Works


Often in homes, storage and display options can become an issue. However, more space exists than you might realize where you can install shelving to meet your needs. You simply need to look at the potentially available space in your home with new eyes.

Additional Shelving Space that Works

Over Windows -- The space over your windows is the perfect place for shelves. For the best look, install shelving that runs the width of the window. You can do this in almost every room of your home to add a ton of extra storage. You can keep books, DVDs, games, or whatever miscellaneous items that you need on the open shelves.

Odd Corners -- If you have an odd corner in your home, where furniture won't fit, consider installing corner shelving. You can stay small with two or three shelves that look like an elegant furniture piece or go big with more shelves that will resemble a stylish corner bookcase. This space will become the perfect location to display photos, collectibles, trophies, or even knickknacks that you've received as gifts over the years.

Inside Closets -- Most of our closets come with one built-in shelf, with the space over that shelf remaining empty all the way up to the ceiling. Don't waste this space! Install one or more shelves over the original one to take advantage of that open area and maximize your storage. Place items that you rarely need to access on the higher shelves and leave the items you need easy access to on the lower shelves.

Finding additional shelving space will make your life easier by providing you and your family with needed storage and display options. For more ideas about updating your home, please contact us today.