Four Residential Design Trends You Can't Miss Out On

As home remodeling continues to grow in popularity across America, new residential design trends are showing up. People have new needs for their homes. Here are four residential design trends you can't miss out on!

  • Open Space: Recent trends show that rooms are now becoming more connected as people want to have a more social family. Larger archways and more open rooms are being made because they don't separate areas of the house as much.

  • Kitchen Islands: Waterfall kitchen islands are making a comeback, according to The Home Story. These islands are flexible and provide extra storage space, which is probably why they are so popular again. Normally these islands are made from granite, wood, or marble, which makes kitchens feel more natural and warm.

  • Indoor/Outdoor Flow: Architect Magazine pointed out that many people want to have more open access to their yards. Large glass doors that grant access to the yard are becoming more popular, as they provide a beautiful view and make the house feel more natural. Because people are spending more time outside, outdoor areas such as patios and decks are more common, featuring much more furniture.

  • Intricate Stairways: Stairways are becoming more beautiful as people find more ways to decorate their house. Glass accents, tile designs, and iron posts are just some of the new designs available on stairs, according to Construction Dive. Instead of just being a convenience, home designers are realizing the potential to turn staircases into centerpieces for homes.

These are just a few of the growing design trends happening this year. If you have any questions or if you want to incorporate some of these designs in your house, please contact us.