Home Maintenance Ideas

New homeowners (or people who feel new at maintenance) often face home maintenance with trepidation.

One of our vendor partners recently started producing great home maintenance tip videos. You can find the latest content here and learn more about basic tips for home care.

We would highly recommend homeowners, landlords and flippers invest in a solid roof inspection. Bad weather, especially intense weather like El Nino, hurricane or tornado season may offer, can really test your existing roof. A preemptive roof inspection can save you the time and expense of emergency repairs during a large storm later in the season. A roof repair or a new roof is an expensive investment but much less expensive than replacing a whole home full of belongings when your home floods later. Especially during increased inclement weather season, knowing that you can depend on the roof over your head or over your renters' heads, adds a level of relief to any homeowner.

We also recommend investing in a consultation with a landscaper or general contractor. Landscapers can see where you may have drainage issues on your property. Re-grading your property may be a good investment for many homeowners to avoid later flooding issues. Unfortunately, thousands of Americans are impacted by flooding every year:

...flooding is the country's top natural disaster threat, both in terms of costs and fatalities. A 2,000 square foot home with six inches of water could cost more than $39,000 in flood damages...

Another instant gratification reason to invest in a landscaper, is fixing up and improving your outside living spaces. Updating outdoor spaces to account for the unknown weather factors could be a big money saver in the future.

If you're interested in meeting with a general contractor, contact us. We look forward to working with you.