Home Maintenance Tips - Smart Technology Comes to Your Backyard


Humans now have access to smart technology in their phones, their vehicles, and even their refrigerators. So it should come as no surprise that technology innovators have come up with some nifty ways to harness smart technology concepts for a home's exterior. In this post, we will discuss 3 ways in which smart technology devices can spruce up a home's exterior and save homeowners time and money.


Need more lighting for your home's exterior? There's an app for that. Sylvania has come out with an Alexa-compatible Smart+ LED Connected Flex Light Strip. Use voice commands through your Amazon Alexa to manage the Sylvania light strips that provide illumination for your backyard's walkways. Rotate through over 1,000 color hues for the lighting strips, and dim or increase illumination with your mobile device as well.

Smart Irrigation

Consider a Rachio intelligent irrigation system to enable smart lawn-watering capabilities. This system syncs with Amazon Alexa, Nest, SmartThings, IFTTT, Google Assistant and other smart home devices to optimize lawn watering schedules. Rachio incorporates components such as yard size, soil and plant composition, sun exposure, and local, real-time weather reports to adjust watering levels. This particular model also qualifies for rebates due to its EPA WaterSense certification.


If you've always wanted a Roomba for lawn-mowing, now you can have one. Husqvarna offers a totally independent, self-propelled auto-mower. The Husqvarna Automower 450X uses GPS navigation to mow within the boundaries of your lawn. The intelligent mower is able to detect unexpected objects, navigate over rough terrain and climb 45-degree slopes. The homeowner controls the smart mower by way of an app on their smartphone. It also has a tracking device and an anti-theft alarm to discourage theft.

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