Home Maintenance Tips: How to Patch Drywall Holes

The inevitable has happened, and you have a small hole in your drywall that is now in the process of driving you crazy. Every time you enter the room, the hole draws your eyes and ruins one small minute of your day. It doesn't have to be this way. A little home maintenance may be in order.

With a little fast-drying spackle or light weight joint compound and a drywall knife, you can put an end to that hole for good. It won't take long, but you might need to do some painting afterward, so planning this as a weekend project is a great idea.

Filling Tiny Holes and Dents

If you've bumped the wall while moving a piece of furniture and made a small dent, or decided to move a picture to a new location and have a small nail hole, patching is a very easy job.

Simply put a small amount of fast-dry spackle on the putty knife and fill in the hole level to the surface of the wall. Check the instructions of the spackle, but generally a 24 hour drying time is sufficient. Once dry, sand it down to make it smooth with the surrounding wall. A little paint, and it is as if the hole was never there.

Filling a Door Knob Sized Hole

We say door knob sized hole for a reason. Door knobs are a big culprit in making holes in drywall. Since this is a bigger hole, you will need the use of a patch kit.

Take the small piece of self-adhesive patch screen from the kit and cover the hole. Using a drywall knife, cover the screen with lightweight joint compound. Make the covering thicker in the middle of the screen, and thin the compound down as you reach the edges to blend with the wall. Wait for the patch to dry. If the hole is sufficiently covered, you are ready to sand the patch smooth. If the hole still shows through, you will need to add another coat of patch before the final sanding.

That's it. No more hole to rack you with guilt every time you see it. Besides, that room needed a new paint job anyway, right?

We hope this handy short home maintenance tip helps you with those nasty little dents and holes. Remember, for bigger issues, please keep us in mind.