Home Maintenance Tips: The Trick to Successful Interior Trim Painting

Sometimes it becomes completely necessary to paint the trim inside of your home if you want to keep up a good appearance in there. It's really no different from painting any other kind of wood in your home, as you would follow the same painting process. Keep reading to learn more about the trick to successful interior trim painting.


It's imperative that you choose the right paint for the job or it will not turn out right. You're going to start with primer. Once the primer is dry and you're ready to apply the paint, make sure that you have chosen a satin or a gloss finish to the paint. This type of finish is necessary to give the trim that shiny glaze that will help it stand out against your walls. And shinier finishes are also easier to clean, which we all know that trim seems to collect dust and dirt rather quickly.


The only real trick to choosing the right brushes for the job is choosing ones that match up to the size of the trim pretty evenly. This really all depends on how narrow or how wide your trim is.

Painting Order

Chances are if you are painting the trim in your home you are probably painting other things as well. It's important that you do these things in the correct order. You should definitely do the walls and the ceiling before you do the trim. Make sure that they are completely dry before you start the trim. Then work from top to bottom when you do the trim, meaning from the ceiling to the baseboards. Start away from corners and then work your way in, and do the top and the bottom of the trim before the center.

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