Home Maintenance Tips: Your Roof Inspection Checklist

Taking care of the roof of your home is one home maintenance job that probably very often gets overlooked. The roof is something that you need to inspect at least once a year, as it is crucial in preventing many problems from occurring to your home. Take a look at this recommended roof inspection checklist.

You can perform most roof inspections from the ground. It is usually completely doable just by walking around the perimeter of your house with a pair of binoculars. If you'd prefer to get a more up close and personal look, though, you can climb up on a ladder. Keep in mind that the less you walk on your roof the better, so try to just do the whole inspection from the ladder. Either way you choose to do it, make note of any potential problems along the way.

  • missing or broken shingles
  • buckling or curling shingles
  • rust spots
  • cracked caulking
  • damage around vent pipes
  • moss or lichen
  • piles of grit in the gutters

Any of these issues are surefire signs that your roof needs to have some work done. Definitely consider how old your roof is before you go ahead with making any repairs, because it's possible that your roof is nearing the end of its life anyway and a new one is necessary.

Easy Fixes

Things like loose, damaged, or missing shingles need replacements immediately and are fairly easy to do. And while you're at it, check for any loose or popped nails that you'll need to hammer back into place. You may also need to re-caulk some things, but anything that's rusted or deteriorating will need replacing.

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