How To Hire The Best Contractor In Denver

We think are in the running for best contractor in Denver, but if you want to know more about how to choose the best contractor (and why we obviously fit the bill!), here are a few things to think about:

  • The best contractors don’t give misleading pricing techniques. When you ask for a bid, make sure that contractors are comparing apples to apples. They should be able to explain their bid in very clear terms!
  • The best contractors don’t give low estimates and then tack on extra expenses in the final bill (or, maybe even worse, do substandard work to stay within budget). We pride ourselves on giving accurate estimates and being very upfront with our clients if it looks like something is going to cost more than expected.
  • The best contractors pull building permits and hold themselves accountable to building codes.
  • The best contractors pay their subcontractors fairly and on time! If this doesn’t happen, it can result in a lien on the property that isn’t discovered until a title search is performed--not a pleasant surprise when you are selling a home!
  • The best contractors when it comes to basement projects are very clear about the wide range of prices based on services and finishes. Don’t trust a very broad estimate--not all basements are the same!
  • The best contractors finish their projects within the original time frame. The customer should not have to manage the project.
  • The best contractors are RESPONSIVE! There is nothing more frustrating than ignored calls and emails when your house is turned upside down during a major project.

We are very confident that we are indeed one of the best contractors in Denver, so please contact Jeff Proctor at for any basement finishing questions, or Jason Brown at for home remodel or building questions.