How To Interview A Contractor

So, you are ready to start a home improvement project. You have contractors coming to your home. What questions should you ask? Well, we have a quick list of questions to ask in your contractor interview.

According to NARI (the National Association for Remodeling Industry), here are a few questions you should be asking when you are interviewing potential contractors for your project.

How long have you been in business? You want a company with somewhat of a track record. Hiring a contractor who is brand new could be problematic for you.
Who will be working on the project – employees or subcontractors? A lot of contractors use subcontractors, which is not necessarily a negative. However, you want to make sure that all subs are covered by the general contractor’s insurance.
Does your company carry liability insurance and workers’ compensation? This is a vital piece of information. If a worker gets hurt on a project at your home, you want to make sure you are not liable for any medical costs or other compensation.
May I have a list of client references? This will tell you a lot about the company, and you can ask some questions about timing, cost and reliability before agreeing to the project.
May I have a list of business references? If the general contractor has good business relationships, they will likely treat their clients well too.
These questions will tell you a lot about the reliability of the contractor, and also give you an idea of their past track record with clients and other businesses. It is also a good idea to check them out with the Better Business Bureau. Remember that a complaint or two shouldn’t necessarily disqualify them – what is important is if they tried to resolve any issues with previous clients.

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