How to Remodel a Small Bathroom

One of the most challenging remodel jobs we see is a small bathroom. A lot of homes, especially older ones, have smaller bathrooms. There are a few tricks to make that small bathroom seem bigger, and upgrade it at the same time.

Create a Light & Dark Color Scheme: Creating this contrast will help the space appear larger to the eye.
Curbless Showers: This newer trend is a great way to create more space in a small bathroom, especially if you are taking out an existing tub.
Install Shelves Above the Toilet: Installing shelves above the toilet will help increase storage space without taking up additional space in the room.
Consider a Pedestal Sink: Rather than a large vanity, a pedestal sink will take up less space, while also giving the bathroom a sleeker, more modern appearance.
Glass Tiles: Adding in glass tiles can add some shimmer and also make the room appear larger. Add them either as an accent wall, or as smaller accents throughout the bathroom.