Insulating Your Basement During a Remodel

We often get a lot of questions about insulating basements before finishing them. We typically recommend insulating both the walls and the ceiling whenever possible. Here are a few reasons you should consider insulating your basement during the process of finishing it:

Comfort: Basements tend to be colder spaces anyway, both because they are underground and because hot air rises. If you are creating your basement space with the idea of creating a space for your family to spend time, or as a guest area for out of town guests and family, you definitely want to consider insulating the space to increase the comfort.
Energy Savings: We all know that insulation in an attic can help you save on energy costs, but the same is true in the basement. Insulating the walls and floor in the basement will help keep warm air inside in the winter, and cool air inside in the summer. You will likely see a savings on your energy costs year round by insulating the basement.
Xcel Energy Rebates: You will also qualify for a rebate from Xcel Energy by installing insulation of a certain grade in 2014. Xcel offers a rebate equal to 20% of the cost of the labor and materials for insulation installation, with a limit of $300. Again, you must install a certain grade of insulation to qualify, so be sure to contact Xcel to make sure the insulation you choose meets the requirements.