Is Now A Good Time To Remodel?

When it comes to home improvement and remodeling projects, our clients always want to know if now is the right time to make the investment or if they should wait. It makes sense that homeowners want to pick a time when the housing market is in a good, stable condition and when they will get the most for their money if they are going to sell their home in the near future.

Well, the good news for homeowners is that this year we are going to see more home remodels on single family homes than we have in more than four and half years! A recent study by Houzz and Home revealed these findings along with the fact that bathrooms and kitchens are going to be the highest priority for home improvement projects. A lot of people are also interested in making improvements that will help with their home’s energy efficiency.

So, with the housing market improving and lots of homeowners investing in remodeling projects, we have been telling our clients that this is a great time to think about getting started on their own project!