Latest & Greatest Bathroom Remodeling Trends

We recently came across an interesting article about bathroom remodel trends for 2015. We weren’t surprised to find some of the following highlighted:

  • More focus on the shower, less on the bathtub. We would have to agree on this one. More and more of our customers are realizing that they often don’t take baths and would rather have a larger, more comfortable shower.

  • Freestanding tubs are preferred. The fancier freestanding tubs are always very appealing to homeowners. However, we would caution that a very large bathroom is required to make something like this feature work. Most bathrooms don’t have the room for both a shower and a claw foot tub.

  • Spending is up! We have noticed this trend as well. As we have put the recession behind us, homeowners are more willing to spend more on upgrades and finishes than in years past.

  • Storage is king. Many homeowners are frustrated with the storage in their homes – both cabinets and closets. The article said that people are looking to add more closet space not only in the bathrooms but elsewhere in the home. We have certainly seen this as well – another upgrade that homeowners are willing to invest in.