Light It Up! Everything You Need For Basement Lighting

When it comes to selecting lighting for your basement finishing project, it seems like most people choose recessed lighting. While we typically recommend using recessed lighting as well, here are some things to consider when it comes to adding lighting to your basement.

Basements are much darker than the ground or upstairs floors of your home. You will need to probably add more lighting than you think to make your new basement feel bright.
Recessed lights are a great way to add the base of your lighting for your new basement space. They should really provide enough light to illuminate every corner of the basement.
Once you have the recessed lights figured out, then you can move onto other types of lights. We recommend adding more lights around any bar areas, fireplaces and certainly the bathrooms. Closets in the basement are very dark – think about adding lights in the closets as well.
We recommend using CFL’s in your basement – they will save on energy costs. If you want dimmer switches in your basement, make sure you buy the right kind of bulbs.
For other lighting, make sure that you install lots of outlets. That way you can make use of floor and table lamps as well.