Making the Most of a Walk-In Pantry

Most homeowners today insist on a pantry in their kitchen. Cabinetry works well, but nothing is better than a walk-in pantry. However, if your walk-in pantry consists of shelving and nothing more, then you're not getting the best use out of the space. Here are a few residential design trends that will increase the efficiency of any walk-in pantry.

Corner Turnstiles -- Don't waste corner spaces. Getting items out of a crowded corner is often a frustrating task, especially on lower shelves. Install multiple corner turnstiles to make your life easier. You're able to store tons of items in the corners and still get to whatever you need with just a spin of the turnstile.

Baskets -- One recurring problem for homeowners is finding enough room for your bulky fresh produce items. You end up shoving them into refrigerator drawers and packing them so tightly that they end up bruised. Set several baskets on your pantry shelves or attach them to empty wall space to hold your large fruits and vegetables. You'll never have to rifle through another drawer to find what you want.

Wine Rack -- If you're keeping wine bottles on a shelf where they can topple off at any time, consider installing a small wine rack in your pantry. You won't have to worry about your bottles getting broken because someone grabbed something off a shelf and accidentally knocked one down. A wine rack also keeps your bottles better organized, so you can see at a glance what you have or what you need.

Condiment Shelves -- Spice bottles left loose tend to look the same, and you can never find what you need. Other condiments block your view and hide what you have. Solve this problem by installing a rack to keep your spices in, so you can organize them by name. Below that rack, install a shelf or holder for condiments such as mustard, ketchup, relish, or whatever other small bottles or containers you have.

Moveable Cart -- If you have room in your pantry, consider placing a moveable cart in the center or along the wall. This small addition will increase your storage space and provide you with a workspace. You can move it wherever you need it, including into the kitchen. When you have large gatherings, it can double as a serving cart for drinks, baked bread, or even desserts.

For more information on how to upgrade your walk-in pantry or other areas of your home, please contact us today.