One More Reason to Own a Home on the (Front) Range

Jeff and Jason both love living in Colorado and are happy that their work helps other families create a home here, too. Colorado has long held appeal for its great weather, friendly people, and vibrant culture, but an added advantage to building a home in the Denver Metro area right now is that home prices have shot up. This can seem like a disadvantage if you are currently looking to buy, but once you are in your home, you can feel great knowing that your property values are appreciating so quickly.

A recent Denver Post article noted that Metro Denver is currently providing real estate investors with the second best returns of any major city. The measurements they cite are the appreciation of residential property values between 2014 and 2015 and the percentage of property values represented by annual rents. Denver ranked highest in appreciation (13.4%) and very high on the second measurement, meaning that whether you are hoping to make some money on rental income or just want to see higher gains from appreciation, you are in a good position as a Colorado home owner.

If you have an idea for the home on the (Front) Range you've always wanted to build, or if you have a project in mind that would make your existing home that much better, we would love to come give a free estimate. Contact Jeff Proctor at for any basement-related questions, or Jason Brown at