Online Client Access Portal Keeps the Building Process Fun

We've heard the horror stories too: opaque budgets, schedules that get way off track, endless decisions to be made, and miscommunications between contractors and homeowners. But at Ascent Builders and Basement Partners, we truly believe that the remodeling or home building process should be enjoyable and rewarding for all parties. Which is why we've invested in developing our Online Client Access portal.

Ascent Builders Online Client Access

The Online Client Access portal helps us all stay on the same page throughout the building process. It keeps track of all decisions that have been made on a project, sends you automatic reminders when something is coming up, records major milestones, and ensures that we are all on the same page with budgets and invoices. It also keeps all email correspondence in one place.

With our Online Client Access portal, nothing falls through the cracks, so you can actually have fun while remodeling your home or building the home of your dreams! If you'd like to schedule a free consultation today to get started on your Denver Metro Area building project, you can contact Jeff Proctor at for any basement finishing questions or Jason Brown at for other building projects.