Open Kitchen Pros and Cons

As we've discussed on the blog before, the open kitchen concept is a huge trend that doesn't show any signs of letting up. And there are definitely fantastic reasons for opting for an open kitchen.

Open Kitchen Pros

If you're entertaining, open kitchens allow you to interact with your guests while you prepare food (with a closed kitchen, you risk either isolating yourself from the party while you prepare or, probably more common, not being able to actually cook anything because the kitchen is so crowded with party-goers wanting in on the action). When you're home with your family, it's great to be able to keep your eye on homework or playtime while cooking.

Open Kitchen Cons

At the same time, an open kitchen does have its drawbacks. Some people prefer to be able to retain a little mystery when they are hosting a party--you can wow your guests with your final product rather than have them watch the blow by blow. An open kitchen also puts a lot more pressure on cleanup--who wants to sit down to a fancy dinner with a pile of dishes staring them in the face?

On a practical level, an open kitchen can be tough to pull off if you are renovating a home that currently has a closed kitchen. This is often a significant construction project, so you need to weigh it against everything else you are hoping to accomplish in your home. If you are building from scratch, it is easier to put in an open kitchen from the get-go.

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