Our Top 7 Home Maintenance Tips for Spring

Spring is almost here. Soon homeowners will come out of their hibernation and will be in the yard cleaning up from the winter mess.

While winter is also hard on our lawns and landscaping, it's also hard on our homes. Once in the spring (and again before winter time), it's important for homeowners to do some routine home maintenance.

Here's our list of the top seven home maintenance tips you should plan on doing this spring.

1. Clean the gutters. You're cleaning out any debris that may have accumulated and will prevent the gutter system from doing its job. You also want to check that the gutters are still securely mounted to the facia and there aren't any leaks.

2. While you're on the ladder checking the gutters, take the time to inspect your roof. Check for damaged, loose or worn tiles. If so, this may require a professional to come out to conduct the proper repairs.

3. Have a local air conditioning company inspect and maintain your home's HVAC system. The technician will go through a lengthy checklist that involves cleaning the system, check fluid levels, inspecting the duct work, replacing filters and more. If there's a problem, it's best to catch it now than later on when it's hotter and (probably) more expensive to repair.

4. Before the winter time you should have winterized all exterior water faucets and, if applicable, had your irrigation system blown out. Now's the time to conduct a visual inspection. Check for cracks in the system. Once you turn on the faucets and irrigation system, monitor everything closely to see if any leaks have developed. If you have a landscaping company, have them come out to get everything back in order for the spring.

5. Examine your chimney and concrete (driveways and patios). You're looking for cracks or movement. Over the winter time, water gets into cracks, freezes, expands and turns those small cracks into big cracks. Your local home improvement store sells a product to easily seal those cracks and prevent further damage. Consider having a professional chimney sweep inspect your fireplace and clean the flue.

6. Inspect and service your lawn equipment. Now's a good time to put in a new spark plug on riding mowers and weed eaters. You should also refill with new fuel, inspect mower blades for damage, and replace air filters.

7. Change the batteries in the smoke and CO2 detectors. Test the system and replace any detectors that are malfunctioning or are over 10 years old.

Your home is probably the largest investment you'll ever make. It's important to maintain that investment by inspecting it at least twice a year and making any repairs immediately before they become an even bigger issue.

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