Outdoor Home Maintenance Tips to Tackle Before the Real Heat of Summer Arrives

Nothing beckons a homeowner to enjoy the great outdoors like the beautiful weather we've been having of late, and we recommend you enjoy it while it lasts, because the real heat of summer is on its way! If you haven't addressed these home maintenance items yet this year, now is the time, before sweltering temperatures send you back indoors.

It goes without saying that you want to have your air conditioning system thoroughly inspected before the heat of summer hits in full force. We have dealt with that quite thoroughly in previous blog articles, so we won't rehash that topic again now, but consider taking on some of the following chores before the dog days of summer arrive.

Check Your Deck

Before the first summer heat wave arrives, it may be in your best interest to seal and/or stain your deck. Most outdoor stains also include a quality sealant to repel moisture and lessen the effects of weather on the wood. By tackling an unsightly deck now, you can get it in great condition for holding backyard barbecues by the pool this summer.

Rid Spoilage from Your Foliage

Deteriorating wood is not limited to decks! If you have lived in your home for a significant length of time, you may have grown accustomed to seeing the trees, bushes, hedges, and greenery on your property a certain way, not realizing that over time they have become at best, an eyesore, and at worst, a danger. While the weather is balmy, spend a day trimming trees, removing dying or diseased branches. Trim hedges, and bushes, particularly those that have grown too close to the structure of your home. Look for low hanging branches, dead or diseased foliage, or any overgrown greenery that may present a safety hazard around your yard.

Note: Taking down an entire tree is quite an undertaking. Don't hesitate to contact a professional if necessary.

Paint a Cheerier Exterior

No one wants to be outside sweltering, paintbrush in hand, so if it has been awhile since the exterior of your home has had a fresh coat of paint, now may be the best time to tackle that project. Optimal painting weather includes more than just balmy temperatures. A slight breeze and low humidity will help decrease drying time.

For more home maintenance tips that include spending time outside enjoying this beautiful weather, contact us today!