Permits & Inspections for Home Improvement Projects

At Ascent Builders and Basement Partners, we often get questions about permits and inspections, and our process for getting permits for our jobs, as well as why it is necessary.

Why Are Permits Necessary? The main reason permits are necessary are for the safety of the homeowner and the occupants of the home. When a home is undergoing a remodel, there are many elements at play, including electricity, water and gas. All of these elements can cause danger to the occupants of the home, and it is always a good idea to have a city or county inspector make sure that everything is safe for you and your family after the work is completed. Even the best contractors are human and can make mistakes, and having the permit and inspection as a back-up is much safer and smarter for everyone.
What is the Process of Getting a Permit? For a remodel or basement finish, most contractors will be able to get a general contractor permit which covers any other subcontractors like electricians and plumbers. Every city and county is different, however, so be sure to ask what the policies and procedures are for your particular jurisdiction during the estimating process. You also want to make sure the price of the permit is covered in the estimate, especially if you will need to pull a separate permit for a certain element of the remodel. Again, pricing varies greatly from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, so the cost will depend largely on where your home is.
How Long Will the Inspection Take? The inspection will be called in after the work is completed, and sometimes an inspection will need to take place during the job, depending on the scope of work. This is again very dependent upon the jurisdiction where you live, and your contractor can you give you a better idea of what to expect once the job is ready to go. If you decide to do your project with us, we work with you on inspections, and we will take complete responsibility for this portion of the project.