ProHome Tips: Turning Off Your Outdoor Spigots

As we mentioned a few weeks ago, our friends at ProHome launched a very helpful video series on basic home maintenance. These videos provide great insight into the ins and outs of your home, and they also serve as helpful reminders for basic seasonal maintenance.


One that struck us as very timely right now is this clip about outdoor water spigots. As Bill explains in the short video, your outdoor water spigot (where you connect your hose), is connected to your water supply with a 12-inch pipe. This means that when you turn off the spigot, it shuts off at the end of that 12-inch section, and the water remaining in the pipe dribbles out.

The problem is when you leave a hose connected to the spigot during the winter. If the hose is there, the water can no longer drain out of the pipe, and the pipe can freeze and crack. The real bummer is when you go to turn your hose on in the spring, and you don't realize that water is leaking out of the crack and into your home.

So thanks to the folks at ProHome for the helpful reminder - disconnect your hose from your water spigot ASAP!