Remodeling An Older Home

If you are thinking about remodeling an older home, you may have concerns about issues that may come up when you start your project. Here are some things that can arise when you are updating your home and our recommendations for tackling the problems:

Asbestos: In older homes you may have to deal with asbestos. Asbestos can be in many areas of the home – insulation, flooring and even siding. A professional “asbestos abatement” company will need to be hired to properly remove the asbestos. This can certainly add more cost and time to your overall project. We recommend finding out if you have asbestos in your home before you start your project.
Outdated Electricity: Times have changed and so have the regulations on electrical components in a home. All outlets are now required to be grounded – three-pronged outlets versus the older two-pronged variety. You may also find that you need to update your electrical box to bring your home up to code. We recommend consulting with a electrician to find out if your home is not up to code before you begin working on a remodeling project. Some electrical work is not that expensive but an entire rewire of a home can be pricey.
Lead Paint: If your home is older there is a chance that you have lead paint. The good news is that a very simple test can be made to determine if you have lead paint. If the lead paint isn’t disturbed it isn’t harmful but if you start to do a remodel or the paint is peeling or chipping the particles are harmful to your health. We recommend doing a test to see what you are dealing with before you begin your project.
Radon: All homes should be tested for radon regardless of when the home was built. If you have purchased a home you will want to test for radon to get a baseline and also plan to test frequently to keep you and your family safe. Just because the home is older doesn’t mean that it is more likely to have radon.
Water Damage: Water can cause all kinds of problems in a home. A thorough check of your older home is very important. You want to make sure that you are addressing any damage to the integrity of the house and taking care of any issues that could be damaging to your health such as mold infestation.