Residential Design Trend: Downsizing for Baby-Boomers

The second-largest demographic group in the U.S. has reached the so-called 'golden age' of retirement or semi-retirement and many are looking at downsizing their living spaces as well as making them more age-friendly. In response, home builders and remodelers are coming up with new residential design trends to meet these changing needs.

  • Smaller ranch houses are coming back into vogue, but are more sophisticated than the simple rectangular structures of the past. Ranch house living, of course, eliminates stairs and makes everything accessible for older residents.
  • For the same reasons that ranches are popular with the 50+ generation, so too are one-story bungalows and cottages.
  • Front porches are making a comeback as a nostalgic outdoor space for baby-boomers. A porch swing or a few rocking chairs and a small side table make it a charming place to spend an afternoon reading or just watching passers-by.
  • A smaller house means a smaller kitchen, but there are ingenious ways to design a small kitchen for both efficiency and adequate storage space.
  • Walk-in showers with grab bars will accommodate aging residents, as will higher toilets.
  • When downsizing, ample storage space becomes an important necessity. Built-ins work perfectly. Since most people who downsize give away, sell or donate at least some of their furniture to prepare for smaller quarters, the sacrifice of one wall for storage is generally a workable one.

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