Residential Design Trends - From Practical to High Tech

Today's homeowners want it all. They like all the new high-tech gadgets that can make their home life a little easier, yet they still appreciate the look and feel that vintage pieces from the past have to offer in the way of warmth and comfort. Listed below is an array of home design trends, sure to be of interest to a variety of homeowners.

Functional and Attractive Laundry Rooms

Gone are the days when the laundry area consisted of a cramped, dark, musty-smelling corner in the basement. Anyone shopping for laundry appliances recently has probably noticed that appliances are now sporting designer colors and shapes, and most have increased in size to accommodate increased demand. Homeowners want a laundry room large enough to handle their increased storage needs, larger appliances, and a host of other items associated with laundry duties such as ironing boards, irons, clothes racks and clothes hampers. With all the new storage options available and beautiful paint colors, it's easier than ever to create a laundry room that is pleasant to work in and one that cohesively blends with the rest of the home.

Vanity Conversions

Some homeowners were never sold on the idea of the look of pre-manufactured vanities for their bathroom and laundry areas. Instead, they found it more appealing to look around for vintage file cabinets, dressers or old console pieces and turn them into attractive vanity pieces that are both beautiful and functional. Adding restored pieces here and there adds the warmth and character that homeowners still crave.

Add Some High-Tech

Voice-activated assistants are becoming a very popular addition to many homes and will probably continue to do so as more and more manufacturers find ways to add smart features to their products. Devices like Google Home or Amazon's Alexa can respond to voice-activated commands such as playing a specific song, dimming the lights, providing a weather update or powering up the hot tub. As innovation continues in the world of technology, it won't be long before homes like the Jetsons will become the norm.

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