Residential Design Trends - Maximizing Your Front Porch's Potential

Front porches are making a comeback with the recent focus on the "hygge concept", a Danish term for coziness. In the past, porches were thought of as a mere dropping point for grocery bags while homeowners fished for their keys. With the latest interest in hygge, homeowners are now seeing their front porches as a place to interact with their community by chatting with passersby, gaze at the stars by candlelight or perhaps prepare for their day by sitting and sipping their morning cup of coffee.

By extending the interior living space to include a front porch, it provides the homeowner with a sense of satisfaction to fill the normally blank space outside the home and passersby enjoy catching a glimpse of an inviting sanctuary. Of course those considering the sale of their home probably already know the value of first impressions and the fact that the front porch of their home can either make or break the first impression of potential home buyers.

Whether you already have a front porch or are thinking about adding one, a good point to remember is, if you create it, they will come. Some homeowners want to utilize their front porch to the max by providing seating for dinner parties of 12. Others prefer to make their spaces more intimate by simply hanging a porch swing or placing a small table between a couple of rocking chairs, allowing them to make new friends by chatting with pedestrians.

Homeowners can also add cozy touches to their front porch by dressing up drab porch concrete with scoring and stain. Placing a few rugs here and there, adds another layer of hygge by providing comfort and visual interest. Beautiful plants can provide a transition from the outdoors to the inside of the home, and investing in the right lighting can add just the right amount of intimacy or entertainment appeal for a relaxing new living space.

If you would like to know more about adding a front porch or remodeling your current one, please contact us.